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Just a small selection of what LaRouge offers

Starter INDIAN

Vegetable Samosa (V)   

Chicken / Mutton Samosa       

Deep fried battered chicken / lamb with mango and green chutney

Garlic Naan (V)

Mint Raita (V)

Blend mint leaf with yoghurt, cream, honey and salt massala


Papaya soup (V)

Fresh young papaya cooked with traditional Balinese spices

Lempeng Be Pasih

Fried fish with coconut grated and base rajang

Soup Udang

Hot /sour soup with prawns


Halloumi Salad (V)

Mixed lettuce, walnuts, halloumi cheese, mild oil and vinegar dressing

Sexy Prawm salad

Deep fried prawns with a mustard honey dressing

Smoked Salmon Carpaccio

Smoked salmon with Italian dressing and blue cheese

Calamari Fritter

Deep fried calamari with breadcrumbs and  tartar sauce

Trio of Dips (V)

Three dips: beetroot-creme fraiche, feta-spinach and humus

Spanakopita (V)    

Two stuffed triangles with feta and spinach


Tomato cream soup (V)

French onion soup (V)


Chicken Curry (medium spicy)      

The classic chicken curry cooked in Indian herbs and spices

Fried Chicken Masala (spicy)      

Boneless fried chicken with Indian spices

Palak Korma (V)      

Spinach cooked in rare spices

Brinjal Curry (V)      

Eggplant cooked in Indian spices

Chicken Tandoori

Grilled chicken breast in our own tandoori with tandoori sauce

Lamb Curry

Lamb cooked in Indian herbs and spices

Fish Curry

Fish of the day cooked in Indian herbs and spices

Malai Kopta (V)

Vegetable balls prepared in a creamy sauce


Fish from the local fisherman

See blackboard for the catch of the day, with vegetable salsa

& black pepper sauce or a basil pesto & white wine sauce

Australian tenderloin steak  (200 gr)

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Breaded chicken schnitzel stuffed with melted cheese

Lamb chop

Lamb Medaillon

Grilled lamb with mint sauce

Seafood Sensation

Grilled fish, prawn, calamari with capers onion sauce

King Prawns

Grilled king prawns accompanied with a fresh garlic, onion sauce

Fish and Chips

Battered fish fillet and french fries with a tartare sauce

All dishes  above are served with vegetables

and rice , french fries or pan fried potatoes


Ayam Panggang

Grilled chicken leg marinated with Balinese spices

Sate Ayam

Chicken satay served with peanut sauce

Ikan Pepes

Fish fillet with Balinese spices cooked in banana leaf

Sate Prawn

Grilled prawn, Balinese spices  with coconut milk and vegetable kalas

Cumi Goreng Pedas

Fried calamari with chili and tomato

Oseng - Oseng vegetable (V)

Stir fried mixed green vegetables with tofu, tempe, onion, chilli, capsicum, mushroom and shallot


Ice cream

chocolate, strawberry or vanilla

Home made Chocolate Cake

Banana split

Vanilla ice cream with warm black cherries

Black rice pudding

A tropical  Balinese dessert

Banana or Pineapple pancake


Small choux pastry balls stuffed with whipped cream,

covered with melted chocolate

Chocolate Samosa

Warm triangle stuffed with white and dark chocolate

   (V) indicates vegetarian

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